Sunday, March 23, 2008

8 weeks

it has been a long time since i life is now different as im having someone new in my life. wen for the doctor checkup tis mornign and hapi to c the heart, the spine, and the limbs....nick is very excited about it.. been telling me that my belly will grow bigger and bigger and burst then baby will come out then the doc will tape it back.

nick is getting used to his school life, stanley busy preparign for his test 13 April, and my self gettign use to the new eatign pattern. been cravign for PISANG GORENG!!!! some one plssss get me pisang goreng.

the new semester will start tmrw, hopign to get a good bunch or well behave kids....

currently fightign for the environmental health issues in the college. will make sure that the college is 'white coffin' free!!!!!! as well tis is part of education which both me and stanley choose, and will b part of our children education as well.

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