Thursday, July 10, 2008

She is 24 weeks tday

Baby is now 6 mths, hardly gettign enough sleep recently, trying hard to get the confortable position. She is active especially at nite, and nick is really loving the baby already. Cant wait to c her!!!

Stanley wen for his test last week, unfortunately he cant make it again this time, but sure he is gonna make it in august.

Mum and dad was here last week and they are coming again tis week, currently in kl and coming up to pg on friday. but this time wif kelvin. I guess they are bored wif shopping in penang as we dun c much packages from penang and i guess htey will have lots of stuff from kl tmrw!!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

it's 4 mths already

it goes by so soon, i actually enjoy beign pregnant, with the amount of food i can eat, the sleep that i can get and also teh lov efrom everyone around me.... bb is getting bigger and it is showing already. seems tat bb i smuch bigger compare to nick. i can still wear my tight jeans when i was 16weeks pregnant with nick.

been eating alot recently and sometimes overload!!!!! or most of the time!!!!! i guess im too greedy!!! next visit will b tis sunday 18 may, hoping to c the baby's 'tut tut'.

nick is gettign really attach to bb and so is stanley giving me more and more love! stanley was telling me finally he knw wat is love. he realized that it is actually a learnign process, and couples get to learn more then those singles. wen we hav 2 peopel together then we got lots of incidents hapening both hapi and sorrow, and thus it helps us to grow wiser. and ur partner is actually ur life psychologist where u should be able to talk about anything, no secret!!! and it is wonderful to be love.

mum seems to be very excited compare to use, was tellign me to buy ticket and askign me abt my delivery date dunno how many thousnads times already!!! hopefully i can give her a proper datign soon after more series of ultrasound.

till then.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

8 weeks

it has been a long time since i life is now different as im having someone new in my life. wen for the doctor checkup tis mornign and hapi to c the heart, the spine, and the limbs....nick is very excited about it.. been telling me that my belly will grow bigger and bigger and burst then baby will come out then the doc will tape it back.

nick is getting used to his school life, stanley busy preparign for his test 13 April, and my self gettign use to the new eatign pattern. been cravign for PISANG GORENG!!!! some one plssss get me pisang goreng.

the new semester will start tmrw, hopign to get a good bunch or well behave kids....

currently fightign for the environmental health issues in the college. will make sure that the college is 'white coffin' free!!!!!! as well tis is part of education which both me and stanley choose, and will b part of our children education as well.

Friday, January 18, 2008

im so BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so much things to do lahhhhhh............ well i guess i asked for it. goin bek to Kuching for CNY on the 4th of Feb till 24 Feb. with total of 29 hours of replacement clases to do. Im almost done with it now.

So much pictures to update....i guess i will try to do it by the end of february.

there are a few things which i managed to complete over the december holidays. was preparign my 'nest', painted the door, org the study room and play room.... i guess there are less cleaning up now for CNY.


nick hated the van auntie as he told me tat the auntie scolded him 'loud loud'. i guess its really serious for him as it reach the state tat he dont wana go to school. and the teacher tan told me tat she had hard time putting him in the van. as wat i can c from the auntie face, she is the very dominant type. and i trust my son as children are very innocent and cant tell lies YET!!!.
he cried at nite b4 he goes to sleep, telling me auntie 'huai tan' and she scolded him loud.
i really dunno wat to do at that time until nick himself proposed to me tat he wanpapa to go pick him.
later i made up my mind and i suggested tat he himself go and persuade the father and dad is more then hapi to fetch him after the 'papa wo si huan ni' + hugs + kisses conversation.

it took him a while to recover and we terminated the auntie's service. the fear of goin to school is still there, and he is doin great now.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

new fren

open day over the weekend and i met 2 new freen who are into craft mainly into miniature craft. they got fantastic blog and another one

its really amazing!!!!!!
bought somethign from them for xmas presents. will post the pic later

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

12 JAN 2008

tis is gonna b an important day for us....its is coming down to earth from tarsus for us...
im not so sure if im ready for it.

she is a cute fluffy star with feathers all around her...

recall granite love stone

i was thinking abt how true the granite stone is.....while we were at war...the infections got serious and later wen there is peace the infection is gone.. slowly heal itself without the help of medication.

what is it to spend rm40 for supplement which is worth investing....not spending it on cloth and accesories...confused!!!!!!