Wednesday, December 19, 2007

new fren

open day over the weekend and i met 2 new freen who are into craft mainly into miniature craft. they got fantastic blog and another one

its really amazing!!!!!!
bought somethign from them for xmas presents. will post the pic later

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

12 JAN 2008

tis is gonna b an important day for us....its is coming down to earth from tarsus for us...
im not so sure if im ready for it.

she is a cute fluffy star with feathers all around her...

recall granite love stone

i was thinking abt how true the granite stone is.....while we were at war...the infections got serious and later wen there is peace the infection is gone.. slowly heal itself without the help of medication.

what is it to spend rm40 for supplement which is worth investing....not spending it on cloth and accesories...confused!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

busy week

was helping chin chin with the children activity for 3 days 10-12 Dec..
soul wans me to learn from her..
realised something.... drawing=character.

on the 14, had children from la salle, lotus and rama krisnan.. doin recycle art.. they seems to be enjoying themself.


she is a hapi star and being so playful in the Tarsus world million miles away from Earth. Promised to come down on 12 January. was playign slide with her frens...floating in the air with 0 gravity. was singing along with her frens and asking daddy not to be too loud or teacher will not be happy. b4 she left, reminded daddy to drink more water and said kuka=bye....
she is so cute. gonna be as beautiful as mummy and love psychology as well.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


at last, we are at peace.. miss those time so much.

the moral is dun be so selfish which trying to achieve ur aims. u might hurt the people around u which u love. at the end u will realise tat u lost EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! tats the worst part.

nick got so much better by ystd. wo yao ni pei wo.....sweet words always come from this lovely man. eventually i spent half day playing wif him...and actually asking for food by dinner and its such a good sign tat he is getting better.

Monday, December 3, 2007


lil man had fever over the weekend..told me tat his mouth hurts. visited the doctor and surprisingly this morning i c spots in his mouth. another round of visit. went for another which cos total of rm 90...well he cant get ur time then he will get ur money!!!!!!

i miss you so much but i hope i will never giv up on u.

sue jennings talk was amazing. i was enlighten again. more ideas for the proposal...and finally found my co..

Thursday, November 29, 2007


tsunami came and wash us away, was so miserable tat i lost him.. not sure if he is still alive..3-4 days later while i was crying at the jetty, he hug me and said he can come bek cos he was caught at the diamond island.

he melt the island and swim back.

tsunami came again!! we run home at the top of the hill, he check ont eh soil saying tat the soil is not good at absorbign water, so ask the maid and maid said the soil at home is better..

the maid was rite, we were safe fromt eh tsunami.....


try to put yourself in my shoes and feel how is it like..
wan me to fulfill your requirement without considering my situation.....


so much confession these few days.. things can be so much better if we practice this earlier. i will feel so much more secure and happy. wat i predicted was rite...was a bit miserable at first but i guess it was the past.

one bad deed can actually make someone's life miserable for years.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

im sorry

my: im sori
lil man: im wont nananana
my: im so sorry for being loud
lil man: i wont goin to be good. will not be harsh anymore
my: im so sorry
lil: my i love u so much
my: love u too and im so touch

--wat is in his mind..he is such a loving child

stock exchange - close, up , down, open, sell, buy
i realized there are love evrywhere along the beach tat need me to pick up.

Monday, November 19, 2007

love granite stone.......

he was busy wif his counseling sessions...and was asked to get a stone from the beach....
wen there wif around shamrock from the beginning till the end....
ask me what rock to search...then he meditated and visualise
asked me if i wan a love stone...then he look down and saw a love stone...
was speechless.. very romantic of him....

eventually its all abt the outcome, the process of looking for the to justify.....
wats the message behind...

looking for more quality time in my life.....

Thursday, November 15, 2007


was watching a procession in the old days n suddently a bicycle cycle across and i fell into the drain. watching him cycle hard. he said sorry. perhaps this is the way he should work...CYCLE hard...the basic form of transport.
unfold me every day and giv some to his son for his piggy bank. sharing wif his wife on share market on the papers. and in 2009 will c the result.
attending workshop and more workshop and see him glowing on stage in february wif jeff....yeah.....
everything seem to be well arrange for us....jennings and maryireneand chin chin and children activities. DISC + past life psychology + jennings + maryirene = MASTER
travel to china, switzerland and finland wif him, her and the little man and little babe.

little babe in pink, cute and chubby.

150, 250, 50, 400 to give away for return in respect. more conversation with the in laws.

little man need more love from him, love the park, his ball, turning car...and his company.
more love for wifey n vice versa.

more multivitamins and cod liver old and also to c dr chong form bm. pink babe in december 2008........................


Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I guess it has been a looooong time since i last blog. Tryign to blog again but eventually forgotten my password and thus a new blog is created.

So much things had changed and improved. My kid, my hubby and my family......
Nick is now 3.5 and stanley is being such a great hubby then before...thanks to DISC and the spirited mind...thanks to the prematurity, failure, heart break, conflict and most improtant LOVE. Thank GOD for all the blessings.

Appreaciate what i have now...