Wednesday, May 14, 2008

it's 4 mths already

it goes by so soon, i actually enjoy beign pregnant, with the amount of food i can eat, the sleep that i can get and also teh lov efrom everyone around me.... bb is getting bigger and it is showing already. seems tat bb i smuch bigger compare to nick. i can still wear my tight jeans when i was 16weeks pregnant with nick.

been eating alot recently and sometimes overload!!!!! or most of the time!!!!! i guess im too greedy!!! next visit will b tis sunday 18 may, hoping to c the baby's 'tut tut'.

nick is gettign really attach to bb and so is stanley giving me more and more love! stanley was telling me finally he knw wat is love. he realized that it is actually a learnign process, and couples get to learn more then those singles. wen we hav 2 peopel together then we got lots of incidents hapening both hapi and sorrow, and thus it helps us to grow wiser. and ur partner is actually ur life psychologist where u should be able to talk about anything, no secret!!! and it is wonderful to be love.

mum seems to be very excited compare to use, was tellign me to buy ticket and askign me abt my delivery date dunno how many thousnads times already!!! hopefully i can give her a proper datign soon after more series of ultrasound.

till then.