Friday, January 18, 2008

im so BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so much things to do lahhhhhh............ well i guess i asked for it. goin bek to Kuching for CNY on the 4th of Feb till 24 Feb. with total of 29 hours of replacement clases to do. Im almost done with it now.

So much pictures to update....i guess i will try to do it by the end of february.

there are a few things which i managed to complete over the december holidays. was preparign my 'nest', painted the door, org the study room and play room.... i guess there are less cleaning up now for CNY.


nick hated the van auntie as he told me tat the auntie scolded him 'loud loud'. i guess its really serious for him as it reach the state tat he dont wana go to school. and the teacher tan told me tat she had hard time putting him in the van. as wat i can c from the auntie face, she is the very dominant type. and i trust my son as children are very innocent and cant tell lies YET!!!.
he cried at nite b4 he goes to sleep, telling me auntie 'huai tan' and she scolded him loud.
i really dunno wat to do at that time until nick himself proposed to me tat he wanpapa to go pick him.
later i made up my mind and i suggested tat he himself go and persuade the father and dad is more then hapi to fetch him after the 'papa wo si huan ni' + hugs + kisses conversation.

it took him a while to recover and we terminated the auntie's service. the fear of goin to school is still there, and he is doin great now.